Lead was once a popular ingredient used in house paints and in many parts of the world, in many paint brands, it still is. However, the awareness about the hazards of lead paint has been increasing and it is slowly getting completely removed from the industry.

But what is it in lead based paints that make them so hazardous? Learn more in this blog post!

They Pose a Significant Health Risk

Lead based paints aren’t bad for your house itself but for you. The health hazards associated with lead are plenty and must be addressed.

This hazardous metal causes central nervous system symptoms like headaches, blurring of vision, loss of concentration, loss of memory. Lead can also cause fertility issues and pose a risk to pregnant women and cause complications in them. These paints can also cause blood pressure to rise, hearing issues, digestive system problems and even joint and muscle pain.

The Effect of Lead on a Child’s Health

Lead can cause 10 times worse effects on children. Years back when pencils used to be made in lead, children would sometimes get severe lead poisoning and even die by chewing the end of the pencils. While the effects of lead based paints aren’t as fatal, they can still cause significant adverse effects. Children younger than 2 years are the most susceptible.

Lead in paints can cause growth retardation in children, lower than normal IQ levels, behavioral changes and even damage to the brain or the nervous system itself.

Testing for Lead Levels in Your House

A reliable Des Moines home inspection company can effectively measure the levels of lead in your home and tell you if you are at risk of the adverse effects of lead. Normally fresh lead paint is relatively harmless. It is the drying, scraping and sagging paint that causes most of the effects of lead. Talk to your home inspector today about lead based paints and keep your family safe from the harmful effects of this metal!

Typically, a home inspection is a task left with a professional Des Moines home inspector.   Without their inspecting tools and expertise, how can a home inspection even be possible? We beg to differ. While it’s true that a home inspection should be done by a professional, there’s no harm in conducting one yourself before you let in the company judge your house.

A self home inspection is not only a good idea to do before a real inspection so you’re mentally prepared for the official report on your house but it’s also beneficial for your house’s maintenance if done frequently throughout the year.

How is a Self Home Inspection Performed?

The first step in figuring out a home inspection should be done is to know what you’re looking for. Going in with clear objectives will make the job much easier for you.

Another mandatory step in the inspection is to gather your tools. A DIY home inspection should include a checklist, gloves, torch and screwdrivers. The checklist should be printed and not on your phone. This will make the inspection much more manageable. The screwdrivers should include one for testing the presence of an electric current in a circuit.

Normally, the entire inside of the house is inspected including the attic and the basement. The exterior of the house can also be inspected If you want to be extra efficient.

What to Look for in a DIY Home Inspection?

Things or problems you need to watch out for during your self home inspection are rotted wood, poorly placed screws or drill holes, any cracks or crevices. Spliced wiring should also be assessed along with the heaters and the geyser.

Corners and crawl spaces should never be ignored. The flashlight can come in handy when investigating tight spaces. Also keep a lookout for pests or any evidence of an infestation so you can get it treated immediately.

What’s the Next Step?

An annual home inspection by a reputable home inspection team is important and should not be excluded even if you’ve performed a self inspection.

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Home inspections will reveal all the issues you might have to address.  Often, we find issues with pest infestations that can wreak havoc on your ability to sell your home as it is.  If you are concerned about this in any capacity, here are some home inspector tips in how to deal with termite infestations you might be experiencing.

Termites can be the worst enemies to the wood in your house. Once termites infest your property, controlling them seems like a gigantic or even an impossible task. If such an infestation occurs in your house, it’s best to hire a reliable pest control company. However, there are certain DIY methods that you can use to control a termite problem.

Here are a few termite control methods that you can use at your home yourself before hiring a pest control company.

How to Kill Termites

A number of liquid chemical products once injected into the soil can be used to eradicate a termite problem. These chemicals, however, are not the safest options for your health or the environment. Some green chemicals can be used by professionals however.

Chemicals used to kill termites contain permethrin or arsenic dust as active ingredients.

A safer option to drive termites away is by using termite baits or by flooding them if they are near the ground. One natural way to kill termites is by using salt.

Controlling a Termite Problem

The best way to manage a termite infestation DIY is by making sure an infestation never takes place in the first place. Taking proactive measures to keep the termite control in check may be the best idea.

These control methods include keeping the wood in your house dry. Damp wood is the kind of wood termites are attracted towards. By keeping the humidity in control and the temperature low, it is highly unlikely that you get a termite infestation in your house.

Another factor that can help keep termites away is adequate sunlight. Areas where sunlight is scant such as the basement are at the highest risk of a termite infestation. Take measures to aerate and give your room plenty of sunlight to keep termites in control.

Termite Control by an Expert Pest Control Service

If the termite infestation gets out of control, it’s best to hire a pest control company that you can trust. Professional exterminators can effectively kill and control a termite infestation.

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Home inspections can be a daunting event for the homeowner or the seller of the house, particularly one who hasn’t had one done before. The idea of letting in a bunch of strangers poke and investigate into your private residence including closets, cracks and crevices can be a strange experience. However, it should be remembered that a home inspection is strictly professional and necessary when you’re planning to sell your house. In fact, you can even expect the client or the potential buyer of your house to accompany in the inspection.

To get through the process of getting your home professionally inspected, it’s important that you’re prepared for it. Read on this blog how you can successfully avoid any inspection horror story and get your house ready for it!

#1: Know what the inspectors are looking for

The home inspection company in Des Moines will normally try to determine some particular things in your home. These include proper installation of appliances, piping, lighting etc.  The home inspector will also watch out for any operational or functional faults in any item. If a certain item that’s being inspected is aging, it will be noted as well.

#2: Prepare your home for the inspection

Before you let a team of professionals march into your house and start inspecting, it’s always a good idea to leave a good first impression. Get your cleaning tools in hand and make sure your house is spotless before the company arrives. The cleaning will not only leave a good first impression on the inspector and the buyer but it will also make their job easier. That means lesser inspection time!

#3: Take care of the pets

When a group of strangers is entering your house, your pet dog or cat may not receive them in a friendly manner. To avoid any distractions or accidents, you should keep your pet in a crate or in a separate room.

An average home inspection can take around 3 hours more or less. If you’re mentally prepared for a home inspection, the process can go by breezily.  Looking for a reputable company in the Des Moines area, call Rightway Home Inspections Inc today!


It is popularly believed that a home inspection by a potential buyer of a house can be a terrifying event for the seller. The home inspection team is hired by the buyer and produces a report on the condition of your house which can make or lose your sale. Despite this, sellers can benefit from a home inspection too! Not sure how? Find out in this article on how a home inspection can benefit the seller.

#1: Good results mean more desirability

Once a home inspection team has given the all clear for your house, the reputation and value of your house is automatically boosted. This means your house is now a desirable property and you might see a rise in the buyer traffic.

#2: It can help you negotiate prices

A home inspection once cleared can help you realize the condition and value of your home as well. If there are less to no faults found during the inspection, you can comfortably raise your original price. This can also work in the opposite direction though. If the home inspection team finds a lot of repairs to be done, you might have to bring the price down.

#3: You’re more aware of the problems

A genuine, honest home inspection report can help you get more awareness about the actual condition of your house so that you can order repairs. Even if the price or value of your house is lowered after the home inspection report, you can always bring it up by making the necessary repairs for you and your potential buyer. This will also help you keep a look out for problems you might have with houses in the future.

If you’re a seller, don’t be terrified!

The bottom line is that although a thorough home inspection is mostly in the favor of the buyer, it can be advantageous to the seller as well if they keep a positive minds.  Contact your local Des Moines home inspection company, Rightway Home Inspections, for all your needs today!

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer in Des Moines or you’re looking to settle with your family into the home of your dreams, a professional home inspection is an indispensable part of the home-selling and home-buying process. Don’t commit to purchasing a home before checking what shape and condition it’s in. Hiring a certified home inspector in Des Moines to perform a thorough inspection of a home can be one of the best strategies you can use a buyer before buying it.  A home inspection will go a long way to save you hundreds to thousands of dollars simply by identifying and uncovering the hidden or deferred problems and structural issues in a home. Here’s why you should consider hiring a home inspector.

Alleviate Home-Buying Risk

Whether it’s a new home that looks flawless or an old one, it’s important to hire someone so you can alleviate some of the risks of your mortgage. Remember buying a home could the most costly investment or rather purchase you’ll ever make in your lifetime. There are a lot of details involved in the entire process which is why the home needs a health checkup before committing to the purchase. Plunging into the purchase agreement before having a home inspected could result in the biggest risk of missing the costly structural issues and problems that aren’t obvious and can’t be seen by an untrained eye.

Be informed on the Repairs and Issues to be fixed to make the Home Safe

Certified inspectors don’t just skim a home’s exterior surfaces when inspecting a property. An inspection involves a thorough look at the internal and external surfaces of a home including the walls, ceilings, and foundations. You want to be sure the home is in good structural condition and safe to reside and live in it. From the plumbing fixture to the electrical elements, it’s important to know if everything is functioning properly. It’s impossible to determine if all the elements are in proper working condition without the eyes of a professional Des Moines home inspector who understands what precisely to look for.

Make a Confident Home Purchase

As a home buyer, you’re faced with a thousand dollar decision to make. Don’t you think it’s important to have a professional review before making such a big decision? The buyer, once he’s signed the purchase agreement, doesn’t have any recourse, no matter the problems identified later. Hiring a home inspector will give you a little breathing room to review your decision and feel confident about your investment. If there are structural issues or any problems that need repair in the home, you can either cancel the deal, have the problems fixed first, or negotiate a lower price.

A well-executed inspection will eliminate any surprises when you move into the home. It helps you make a smooth transaction, knowing the issues in the home before choosing to buy it. Discuss with your realtor about the inspection process when the time to buy your dream home comes. As the buyer, it’s your choice to buy a home knowing the kind of repairs to make and the related costs or cancel the deal.

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When a homeowner suspects there’s mold growth in his or her home, the first thing they should do is to contact a licensed and certified Des Moines home inspector. Mold growth is not only a threat to your residential property but to your family’s health, too. In simple terms, mold inspection refers to the process of checking or rather looking for mold growth in a commercial or residential property.

During the inspection process, the mold inspection company in Des Moines will check your property for signs of mold infestation before undertaking the mold remediation process. Mold grows in areas with less exposure to light and dampness. Of course, it will need something that can support its growth. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that exposure to mold within a home can result in a host of health effects. Here’s what you need to know about the mold inspection process and how to hire a mold expert in Des Moines.

What is a Mold Inspection Process?

The first phase of the mold inspection process involves diagnosing a potential indoor quality or mold problem in your home. Your Des Moines home inspection company might send a mold inspector to check in person or inquire by phone of any problems you could be experiencing. This might include moldy odors, condensation or humidity problems, leaks arising from plumbing fixtures, roof leaks, or any visible mold in your home.

A visual inspection of all areas of a home is also necessary to search for any visible evidence of mold growth and the related problem conditions. If necessary, the licensed mold inspector may use specialized devices like hydrometers, laser thermometers, borescopes, and moisture meters during the inspection. In cases where the  inspector finds evidence that can’t be visually seen, he might take air samples for further analysis before presenting a written report of the findings. The report usually includes spore levels and types, color digital photographs, as well as, the inspector’s recommendations and final conclusions.

Choosing an Unbiased Mold Inspector

Is it even necessary to hire a mold inspector? That’s a question many people often ask especially those who think they can handle everything by themselves. Even a small leak and drip can result in mold growth. Lack of adequate ventilation in your residential property encourages mold to grow as moisture accumulates thus causing serious problems later.

As soon as you realize any visible signs that mold could be growing in parts of your commercial building or home, the best course of action would be to seek the help of a professional mold inspector. Be sure to hire a qualified mold inspector from a reputable home inspection company. Mold inspections should not only focus on mold within your home, inside walls and other areas but look for evidence of current and past mold growth, as well. Establish clear expectations on the inspection procedure and the things the mold inspector can and cannot do.

Serious buyers will always have a home thoroughly inspected by a certified home inspector so they can know its condition before signing on the dotted line. An inspection helps to uncover any potential problems and structural issues thereby letting the buyer make an informed decision. It’s also important that sellers have their home professional inspected before listing them on the market for sale. Of course, the home selling process can be very confusing since you’re looking to get the best possible price for your home. On the other hand, you’re looking to make sure that the home sells in good time.

Why not have a professional voice and perspective to back up yours before putting your home on the market? Here are some of the benefits of having a pre-inspection.

It could save you Money

Having your home inspected before putting it on the market will provide you, the seller, with detailed information on the condition of the home. If there are structural issues and problems that need repair, you can have the fixed before listing the home. While it may seem daunting and stressful to fix the uncovered issues before you list your home, it will save you money in the long run.

Waiting for the buyer’s inspection report to highlight the problems in your home will make the buyer either cancel the deal, request for a price reduction, or have you make the repairs before he commits to the home. We both know that this will cost you money and even delay the home sale. By disclosing all the problems and issues in the home upfront, you’ll be safe from any claims the buyer might make later.

A home inspection will lead to a faster close

As mentioned, an inspection by a reputable Des Moines Home Inspection Company will uncover the issues in your home so you can have them fixed before listing the home. This means you’ll have the opportunity to get your home in the best shape possible thereby speeding up the same process. You’re not only being upfront about your residential property but giving potential buyers confidence and peace of mind. Once you’ve made all the necessary repairs, there’s a good chance you won’t get stuck in a lengthy negotiation process.

Competitive Advantage

Many sellers never realize that a pre-listing inspection is a goodwill gesture that demonstrates to potential buyers that the seller has done the due diligence on their future home. It shows your commitment to go beyond what’s expected thereby setting you apart from other home sellers in the market. Potential buyers will, therefore, have confidence in the home and the seller. A home inspection is a useful tool when it comes to the negotiation process. If you’ve addressed all the problems ahead of time, the buyer will have less merit to ask for a reduction in the selling price because of repairs.

Reassure Prospective Buyers

Hiring a certified Des Moines home inspection company for a pre-inspection will go a long way to assure potential buyers that there are no major surprises in your home. Remember buyers often expect anything from a home expectation. Some buyers rarely know what to anticipate or expect. Of course, a pre-inspection might not cause a buyer from having their own follow-up inspection. However, they’ll feel reassured and comfortable when it comes to placing a bid.

Even in a completely remodeled or relatively new home in Des Moines, chances are a professional inspector will uncover some issues that need fixing. This is their work, remember. A pre-inspection allows the seller to address anything that can be a deal breaker for potential buyers. Deal breakers could include outdated electrical systems, roofing problems, mold problems, foundation issues, faulty plumbing, rotted trim, and water damage. Don’t wait for the buyer’s inspection report before you can offer to fix the arising problems.

If this stuff makes sense and you see a new to hire a professional, call Rightway Home Inspections today!

A home inspection is one of the things that both the home buyer and seller must consider in a real estate transaction. Having a licensed professional home inspector not only gives confidence before making an investment but helps you avoid making a bad investment as a buyer. When it comes to sellers, it’s important to know how best to prepare for one. It’s unfortunate that most sellers ignore this important part of the process.

Preparing your home for an inspection in advance will not only give the inspector an easier time but also help prevent any damages or problems. As a home seller, the last thing you’d want to experience is a home inspector breaking a kitchen fixture or causing damage to parts of your home because you were ill-prepared. Whether it’s the buyer’s inspector showing up or you’re planning one for the buyer, it’s important to thoroughly prepare your home.

Start by Cleaning and De-cluttering your Home

While home inspectors are professionals, they are people who have preconceived ideas and perceptions on how a home should be maintained and organized. Ensuring your home is clean before your Des Moines Home Inspection Company arrives will not only make a good impression but make it easier for them to do their job. Don’t assume they’ll be able to see past your fixtures and stuff. It’s important that they have easy access to the basement, attics, roof, and other parts of your home.

Get your Paperwork Together

Make available to your inspector the documentation of all repairs and maintenance that’s been done on your property. From new items like the furnace or roof to renovation projects you’ve undertaken, be sure to provide documentation. Include papers on any insurance claims on your house, if any.

Provide Access to Attic and Garage

As mentioned, the home inspector will need complete access to your home including your attic and basement. The best you can do to make it easy for him is keeping a path cleared. If you have any items stored in these areas, consider moving them. It’s recommended to move your items about two feet from the walls. Ensure all your valuables are secured.

Provide Workspace around Water Heaters and the Furnace

If there’s anything that appears to be preventing access to your air conditioner, water heaters, and furnace, you might want to remove them. Leave at least 3 feet of working space for the home inspector to freely move around and inspect these items. In most cases, the inspector will not move any item himself but recommend a specialist to the buyer, is there’s no access. A specialist might end up finding more things wrong than the general home inspector.

Leave your Utilities Connected

If the house is vacant, leaving the utilities on will allow the inspector to test the HVAC units, run the dishwasher, and turn on other fixtures and appliances. You don’t want them to reschedule the inspection simply because the power was turned off or there are no utilities. Rescheduling will result in delays when it comes to closing your deal with the buyer. You might have to pay a re-inspection fee before the inspector makes a return trip.

Clear brush away the foundation and Cut down dead tree branches

It’s important that you provide a path around your home. You wouldn’t expect the home inspector to shovel a tunnel around your house during winter to clear away through the snow blocking your home’s foundation. If it’s in summer, you might want to cut down dead tree limbs and clear brush from the foundation. Ensure your home’s exterior is clean. If there are any trash cans, it’s a good idea to move them away from the house.

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Would you buy a vehicle without even trying to kick the tires? Buying a residential property and a home without a home inspection is like paying for that car before having a mechanic check it out. One of the things that are indispensable when it comes to the home-buying process is a home inspection. Don’t you think it’s important to know the kind of home you’re getting for your money? Investing in a home inspection can be well worth it as it will help you have peace of mind and avoid trouble.

Hiring a certified and qualified home inspector in Des Moines is the best decision you can make. You don’t want to work with one of the fly-by-night inspectors. Remember the high number of home inspectors in the region makes it quite challenging to know who to and not to trust for the job. You might want to start your hiring process by asking open-ended questions about the home inspector’s skills, experience, and training.

Be sure to request for sample inspection reports or checklists for evaluation before deciding whether or not to hire them. Ask for contact details of several homeowners who have worked with the home inspector before so you can check the quality of the services received. Finally, request for proof membership of certification from the state or national association of home inspectors. Here are the reasons why selecting a certified home inspector is important.

A Certified Home Inspector can keep you from making a Bad Investment

There’s a good chance you’ve ever invested in something, big or small, that you regretted later. A home is a huge investment that you don’t want to make mistakes when buying. There’s no second chance to make things right. A certified professional will ensure your home is inspected thoroughly and, in a detailed report, inform you of the problems that need fixing in that home. If there are too many issues in the home, he will recommend on the best course of action which could include not purchasing that home. If you’re looking to invest in a quality home that won’t end up becoming a “money pit” the entire time you’re there with your family, consider hiring a professional.

A Certified Home Inspector will meet Set Inspection Standards

The home inspection industry has minimum standards that home inspectors must follow and adhere to. This is the case with InterNACHI Certified home inspectors. Hiring a professional means your home inspection will be performed as per the set standards without compromise. You can’t trust your investment to an individual who doesn’t undertake continuous training and education every year.

A Certified Home Inspector will prove you’re making a Sound Investment

A home is probably the biggest investment most homeowners will make in their lifetime. It’s not only exciting to find your dream home but stressful due to the kind of work involved. As mentioned, you want to invest in a quality home that’s in good condition. Remember you’re spending thousands and thousands of dollars and you it may be a challenge determining whether or not you’re making a sound investment in any given home. Selecting a professional can help ease your tension and anxiety if, after the inspection, it turns out the home is in good condition without any serious issues.

A Certified Home Inspector can lead to a Lower Purchase Price

After performing your home inspection, your inspector will provide you with a comprehensive report on the condition of the home including the issues that need fixing. The issues highlighted in the report will help you make a better judgment. You can negotiate a lower price or fix all the issues before you commit to the house.

Looking for a professional home inspector in the Des Moines market?  Call Rightway Home Inspections today!