Home inspections will reveal all the issues you might have to address.  Often, we find issues with pest infestations that can wreak havoc on your ability to sell your home as it is.  If you are concerned about this in any capacity, here are some home inspector tips in how to deal with termite infestations you might be experiencing.

Termites can be the worst enemies to the wood in your house. Once termites infest your property, controlling them seems like a gigantic or even an impossible task. If such an infestation occurs in your house, it’s best to hire a reliable pest control company. However, there are certain DIY methods that you can use to control a termite problem.

Here are a few termite control methods that you can use at your home yourself before hiring a pest control company.

How to Kill Termites

A number of liquid chemical products once injected into the soil can be used to eradicate a termite problem. These chemicals, however, are not the safest options for your health or the environment. Some green chemicals can be used by professionals however.

Chemicals used to kill termites contain permethrin or arsenic dust as active ingredients.

A safer option to drive termites away is by using termite baits or by flooding them if they are near the ground. One natural way to kill termites is by using salt.

Controlling a Termite Problem

The best way to manage a termite infestation DIY is by making sure an infestation never takes place in the first place. Taking proactive measures to keep the termite control in check may be the best idea.

These control methods include keeping the wood in your house dry. Damp wood is the kind of wood termites are attracted towards. By keeping the humidity in control and the temperature low, it is highly unlikely that you get a termite infestation in your house.

Another factor that can help keep termites away is adequate sunlight. Areas where sunlight is scant such as the basement are at the highest risk of a termite infestation. Take measures to aerate and give your room plenty of sunlight to keep termites in control.

Termite Control by an Expert Pest Control Service

If the termite infestation gets out of control, it’s best to hire a pest control company that you can trust. Professional exterminators can effectively kill and control a termite infestation.

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