Typically, a home inspection is a task left with a professional Des Moines home inspector.   Without their inspecting tools and expertise, how can a home inspection even be possible? We beg to differ. While it’s true that a home inspection should be done by a professional, there’s no harm in conducting one yourself before you let in the company judge your house.

A self home inspection is not only a good idea to do before a real inspection so you’re mentally prepared for the official report on your house but it’s also beneficial for your house’s maintenance if done frequently throughout the year.

How is a Self Home Inspection Performed?

The first step in figuring out a home inspection should be done is to know what you’re looking for. Going in with clear objectives will make the job much easier for you.

Another mandatory step in the inspection is to gather your tools. A DIY home inspection should include a checklist, gloves, torch and screwdrivers. The checklist should be printed and not on your phone. This will make the inspection much more manageable. The screwdrivers should include one for testing the presence of an electric current in a circuit.

Normally, the entire inside of the house is inspected including the attic and the basement. The exterior of the house can also be inspected If you want to be extra efficient.

What to Look for in a DIY Home Inspection?

Things or problems you need to watch out for during your self home inspection are rotted wood, poorly placed screws or drill holes, any cracks or crevices. Spliced wiring should also be assessed along with the heaters and the geyser.

Corners and crawl spaces should never be ignored. The flashlight can come in handy when investigating tight spaces. Also keep a lookout for pests or any evidence of an infestation so you can get it treated immediately.

What’s the Next Step?

An annual home inspection by a reputable home inspection team is important and should not be excluded even if you’ve performed a self inspection.

If you would rather leave a home inspection to a professional home inspector in Des Moines, call Rightway Home Inspections Inc today!


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