Top kitchen problems identified during our home inspections in Des Moines.

Kitchens are one of the key rooms in a house and naturally, one of the most used one as well. Building a kitchen requires expertise but despite the perfectionism you want to achieve, there’s always a chance of something lacking. Here are the top things home inspectors find wrong in the kitchen!

#1: Built-in appliances aren’t leveled

The thing about built-in appliances is that the measurement isn’t always right. No matter how hard you try to make the kitchen as per the measurement of your appliance, there’s always human error or a technical error that ruins things. Often home inspectors will find a refrigerator not properly leveled or aligned which can cause functional issues. You may complain of the door not properly shutting or water leaking on the floor from underneath the fridge. To avoid these frustrating outcomes, it’s important to make sure your appliance achieves the perfect balance.

#2: Dishwasher drains are clogged

The dishwasher is an excellent machine that lets you relax once a giant feast has been done with. Unfortunately one of the most common complaints with this appliance is that it doesn’t drain properly. Your home inspector will be able to properly investigate whether it’s a clog or a technical fault that’s causing the issue. In most cases, it is a clog and it is easy to fix.

#3: Leaky faucets

Leaky faucets are a common sight in both kitchen and bathrooms. Apart from the fact that precious clean water is being wasted, a leaky faucet can seriously take a toll on your utility bill. A home inspector can easily locate the problem with your leaky faucet but it is the plumber that needs to be called for the repairs in most cases.

A reputable home inspection company in Des Moines will quickly pick up any and all faults in your kitchen that may not be evident to you right now but can have long-term effects. Call your home inspector today to get your kitchen inspected so repairs can be done as soon as possible!

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