Why it is important to replace your old air conditioner.

There’s not a high chance you’ll find old air conditioners being replaced but if you’re a responsible homeowner, you’d know how important replacing old air conditioners is. Upon home inspection, the home inspector will tell you how long the air conditioner will last and how soon you need to replace it. Not sure why we insist on getting your air conditioner inspected and possibly replaced, check out these important reasons below!

#1: It’s not energy-efficient

Old air conditioners are notorious for leeching electricity and generating massive utility bills. If your air conditioner is aging, you can guess how long it will hold up by the change in your electricity bills. If you’ve been noticing oddly high bills recently, there’s your excuse for getting your air conditioner inspected and, if needed, replaced.

#2: It can get noisy

Old appliances tend to make strange honking, buzzing and clunking sounds that can be seriously annoying. If your air conditioner is making the same noises, there’s a chance it needs to replaced (or perhaps repaired!). To be on the safe side, get it professionally inspected by your home inspecting company.

#3: Old air conditioners smell funny

The smell of moisture and dampness is a common phenomenon with old air conditioners. This stale odor can also be experienced when your appliance hasn’t been used for a long time. But if it is regularly used and still generates a stink, there could be a problem with it. If left unchecked, the entire house could smell like a swamp and that’s the last thing you want!

#4: All air conditioners have an age

Be it a luxurious inverter air conditioner or window ACs – all of these appliances have a certain age limit. With most air conditioners, the age is around 15 years but each individual model’s age will vary. Once the expiry date has come, there’s no reason not to get it replaced!

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