Make sure your home inspector checks your carbon monoxide levels.

Carbon monoxide poisoning has fatal outcomes and is considered a silent killer. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most popular methods of committing suicide. This hazardous gas is produced due to incomplete combustion of any gas source. This could be your fireplace, the heater, the charcoal grill or practically any gas outlet. In spacious, well-ventilated areas, carbon monoxide build up rarely occurs but when there is a lack of air and space, carbon monoxide can be life-threatening.

A thorough home inspection will not only include finding out apparent damages to the home but also any safety hazards associated with carbon monoxide buildup. It is always recommended to install carbon monoxide smoke detectors in the house to keep the level in check always. A home inspector will measure the level of the gas with their own device as well and tell you if your house is safe to breathe in or not.

What makes carbon monoxide so harmful?

Carbon monoxide is an invisible gas with no detectable smell unless the gas is mixed with an artificial odor from the source. The fact that it’s invisible makes it all the more deadly because it remains unidentified before it’s too late. Symptoms of breathlessness, numbness and lightheadedness begin soon when the blood levels of carbon monoxide become high. By that time only medical intervention and fresh air can help reverse the fatal effects.

Since winters come with more usage of fire and gas, as well as closed doors and windows with poor ventilation, a case of carbon monoxide poisoning is more common in this season as compared to the summers.

Keeping your home safe from carbon monoxide

Proactive measures to prevent carbon monoxide buildup can go a long way. These measures include getting your HVAC appliances serviced annually, installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and scheduling a home inspection every other year or as recommended…You should also be wary of not leaving the gas open when it’s not in use or turning the engine of a parked vehicle in a closed garage on.

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