Home inspectors should be investing time to inspect your roof!

Roof inspections are an essential part of a complete home assessment. What makes the roof so important is its place in the house and its function. Roofs provide the physical barrier to any house and in an event of it being compromised the entire structure of the house is put into jeopardy. This, along with a couple of other reasons, makes regular roof inspection so important.

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#1:  It’s comparatively cost-effective

Once the damage has been done, there’s no running away. You’ll need to bring in a team of professionals to make repairs or even a full replacement or else your entire house will suffer. To avoid the untoward process of big repairs and the massive costs that come with roof replacements, it’s best to schedule timely roof inspections. A roof inspection will help you pinpoint exactly what the problem is and help you make the repair promptly. Chances are by this time the repairs needed won’t be as costly as they would have been if left unattended.

#2: It ensures all the roof elements are functioning properly

A roof inspection won’t merely check the status of the shingles of your roof or the flashing it will also point out any issues with the chimney, the skylight or other similar functioning roof elements. To make sure all of these are functioning to their optimum capacity, a thorough roof assessment can help you immensely.

#3: It helps you make future roof plans

Regular roof inspections will help estimate the tentative time you have left with your roof. For most roofs, it’s about 15 to 20 years but a professional estimate will help you make proactive arrangements and plan ahead. If your roof needs to be replaced in a few months, a roof inspection will give you enough time to plan your finances and the company you want to hire.

The most popular time of the year for roof inspections is the fall and winter season but it’s always good to have one scheduled in the spring season (before the rainy days) as well!

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Great video breaking down the details of a thorough roof inspection!!!

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