Common Bedroom Problems found by Home Inspectors

The bedroom is a place that is synonymous with peace and relaxation. Any structural defect or potential health hazard in this humble abode can be hellish. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of common bedroom defects that a good home inspection company in Des Moines find upon inspection. Not sure what they are? Keep reading for the top 3 common bedroom defects your home inspector finds!

#1: Lack of Smoke Detectors

We all know how crucial smoke detectors can be when it comes to preventing a fire or a smoke. However, despite its pivotal role in homes, many home inspectors find them missing in the bedrooms of the house. In fact, in most homes, only one smoke detector is installed in a central position of the house, most commonly the living area.

If you have a bedroom with a fireplace or with any possible gas source, a smoke detector can save your life. Modern detectors also have a carbon monoxide detector inside them for even better safety measures.

#2: Mold growing on the walls

Mold is a potential health hazard for those who are sensitive to it and those with asthma and similar breathing disorders. Mold and mildew flourishes in damp, moist conditions and although it is less common in bedrooms compared to the bathroom and basement, home inspectors sometimes find it growing near the windows. If left untreated, the mold can grow rapidly and cover the walls and the ceilings. Plus, the longer you delay mold removal, the costlier it will be.

Along with getting mold treated, it is also important to investigate the underlying cause of it. This is usually a leak in a pipe or other similar conditions that cause a buildup of moisture in the room.

#3: Cracking Plaster

Overtime, the plaster on your walls can begin to crack and form gaps and keys. The plaster can crumble and break, leaving behind a naked, unimpressive wall. This is a common home inspection finding in bedrooms of old houses. Humid conditions also accelerate the plaster cracking. It’s important to fix this as quickly as possible or else the cracks will keep progressing.

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