The differences between home inspectors and building inspectors

Many people tend to intermix home inspectors and building inspectors assuming that both of these professions essentially mean the same thing. But home inspectors have a quite different job compared to a building inspector. So the next time you need a home inspection done, make sure you know you’re hiring the right person for the job!

What do Building Inspectors Do?

Building inspectors are appointed by the town and always have a license to work. What they do is ensure that a new building, residential or commercial, is built upon the right standards and the legal building codes. Building inspectors also check whether the building contract is being followed by the builder in question and the boundary or zoning regulations are also followed.

A building inspector formulates a report in the end and submits it to the authorities who take any further action if required.

What do Home Inspectors Do?

Contrary to building inspectors, home inspectors (HI) are not employed by the government but the individual house owner or potential home buyer themselves. HI’s also don’t necessarily need a license; some places may require one while others may not.

Instead of making sure the building follows the building codes and regulations, check whether the home is safe and free from potential hazards. In an event of a building code not being followed, the HI is not responsible to report it to the authorities.

The basic job of an HI is to pick out any problems or damages with the house that can put its structure and the people in it at a risk. This includes inspecting roof shingles, checking for leaks, drainage, appliances, HVAC and electrical and plumbing systems. HI’s will also check for mold growth, improper grounding or non-functional switches.

Depending upon the type of work you require, hire a qualified home or building inspector to get the job done properly!

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