Lead was once a popular ingredient used in house paints and in many parts of the world, in many paint brands, it still is. However, the awareness about the hazards of lead paint has been increasing and it is slowly getting completely removed from the industry.

But what is it in lead based paints that make them so hazardous? Learn more in this blog post!

They Pose a Significant Health Risk

Lead based paints aren’t bad for your house itself but for you. The health hazards associated with lead are plenty and must be addressed.

This hazardous metal causes central nervous system symptoms like headaches, blurring of vision, loss of concentration, loss of memory. Lead can also cause fertility issues and pose a risk to pregnant women and cause complications in them. These paints can also cause blood pressure to rise, hearing issues, digestive system problems and even joint and muscle pain.

The Effect of Lead on a Child’s Health

Lead can cause 10 times worse effects on children. Years back when pencils used to be made in lead, children would sometimes get severe lead poisoning and even die by chewing the end of the pencils. While the effects of lead based paints aren’t as fatal, they can still cause significant adverse effects. Children younger than 2 years are the most susceptible.

Lead in paints can cause growth retardation in children, lower than normal IQ levels, behavioral changes and even damage to the brain or the nervous system itself.

Testing for Lead Levels in Your House

A reliable Des Moines home inspection company can effectively measure the levels of lead in your home and tell you if you are at risk of the adverse effects of lead. Normally fresh lead paint is relatively harmless. It is the drying, scraping and sagging paint that causes most of the effects of lead. Talk to your home inspector today about lead based paints and keep your family safe from the harmful effects of this metal!

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