It is popularly believed that a home inspection by a potential buyer of a house can be a terrifying event for the seller. The home inspection team is hired by the buyer and produces a report on the condition of your house which can make or lose your sale. Despite this, sellers can benefit from a home inspection too! Not sure how? Find out in this article on how a home inspection can benefit the seller.

#1: Good results mean more desirability

Once a home inspection team has given the all clear for your house, the reputation and value of your house is automatically boosted. This means your house is now a desirable property and you might see a rise in the buyer traffic.

#2: It can help you negotiate prices

A home inspection once cleared can help you realize the condition and value of your home as well. If there are less to no faults found during the inspection, you can comfortably raise your original price. This can also work in the opposite direction though. If the home inspection team finds a lot of repairs to be done, you might have to bring the price down.

#3: You’re more aware of the problems

A genuine, honest home inspection report can help you get more awareness about the actual condition of your house so that you can order repairs. Even if the price or value of your house is lowered after the home inspection report, you can always bring it up by making the necessary repairs for you and your potential buyer. This will also help you keep a look out for problems you might have with houses in the future.

If you’re a seller, don’t be terrified!

The bottom line is that although a thorough home inspection is mostly in the favor of the buyer, it can be advantageous to the seller as well if they keep a positive minds.  Contact your local Des Moines home inspection company, Rightway Home Inspections, for all your needs today!

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