Home inspections can be a daunting event for the homeowner or the seller of the house, particularly one who hasn’t had one done before. The idea of letting in a bunch of strangers poke and investigate into your private residence including closets, cracks and crevices can be a strange experience. However, it should be remembered that a home inspection is strictly professional and necessary when you’re planning to sell your house. In fact, you can even expect the client or the potential buyer of your house to accompany in the inspection.

To get through the process of getting your home professionally inspected, it’s important that you’re prepared for it. Read on this blog how you can successfully avoid any inspection horror story and get your house ready for it!

#1: Know what the inspectors are looking for

The home inspection company in Des Moines will normally try to determine some particular things in your home. These include proper installation of appliances, piping, lighting etc.  The home inspector will also watch out for any operational or functional faults in any item. If a certain item that’s being inspected is aging, it will be noted as well.

#2: Prepare your home for the inspection

Before you let a team of professionals march into your house and start inspecting, it’s always a good idea to leave a good first impression. Get your cleaning tools in hand and make sure your house is spotless before the company arrives. The cleaning will not only leave a good first impression on the inspector and the buyer but it will also make their job easier. That means lesser inspection time!

#3: Take care of the pets

When a group of strangers is entering your house, your pet dog or cat may not receive them in a friendly manner. To avoid any distractions or accidents, you should keep your pet in a crate or in a separate room.

An average home inspection can take around 3 hours more or less. If you’re mentally prepared for a home inspection, the process can go by breezily.  Looking for a reputable company in the Des Moines area, call Rightway Home Inspections Inc today!


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